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Affordable Family Portraits in Mundelein, IL

While your camera phone is convenient, it is not a good substitute for heirloom quality photos that are printed llarge and framed in your home.


Family portraits should be proudly displayed on the wall.  It's a daily reminder that each family member is important and loved.


If you are hesitant to have your photos taken because you are too tired, feel old, or just don’t have time, change your mind. Time is a thief! Don’t put it off! Do it regularly! You and your kids will look back at these memories so fondly; I guarantee it. Your family portrait is worth the time and investment.

Family & Lifestyle Photography FAQ



Just the basics

15 images edited

digital gallery




Most popular

25 images edited

digital gallery




Keep 'em all

35 images edited

digital gallery

all good images included 



How should we pose?

Your family portraits should be a reflection of what you are like together. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your family dynamic and personal preferences and how “posed” you want to be.


What should we wear?

Basically, you want to dress in a way that is timeless and compliments your style. Dress up! It's fun! Check out my Wardrobe Style Guide for Photo Shoots for more detailed information and guidance.


What locations do you recommend?

Growing up in Chicago, I have had the opportunity to explore every corner of the city and its vast array of neighborhoods and spaces. From the natural beauty of the Lakefront and Forest Preserves, to the urban neighborhoods with their towering skyscrapers, there is something for everyone in Chicago. I can help you choose the perfect location for your photography session.


How do I get my kids excited to participate?

Tell your children ahead of time that you are planning to have family photos taken. Your children might moan and groan about the thought of having to dress up and smile. Do your best to not make a big fuss over it. No stress! My best advice is to feed your family a great meal before dressing up for the shoot. I also suggest bringing treats to reward good behavior (hot tip: avoid messy treats that melt or have colorful dyes).


Should I have my hair and makeup done? 

It is entirely up to you! I think you should look like yourself in your family photos, yet it doesn’t hurt to pump it up a little! You should definitely make an effort to look your best. Your choice is to glam up using your own skills, hire a stylist, or hire me. Photography clients receive a hefty discount on hair and makeup services with me. Click to view my hair and makeup portfolio.


How much time does it take?

Each family is different and only you can truly gauge how long it will take for your family to get comfortable and take the best shots. The best family portraits occur when the family doesn't take themselves too seriously and "plays" together.  You'll like your photos if you remember having a good time while taking them. 


What is lifestyle photography?

A lifestyle photography is where we work to tell the story of someone's life, in a documentary style. It is typically shot in the home or on an outting with little to no post-processing or retouching. The experience captures natural interactions and real emotions. It can be a powerful tool for capturing the nuances of everyday life.  


How many images will I get?

When deciding on a photography package, it's important to understand what is included. Most packages include a certain number of images, but the amount you receive can vary based on your choice. For lifestyle photos, the "keep 'em all" package is the best option, as you'll receive all of the photos from your session. Other packages may include just a handful of images, so it's important to choose the one that best suits your needs.


Is my house clean enough?

I’m not your mother-in-law. There will be no white glove test at your photo session. Hide your clutter in the closet and make your bed. It’s all smoke and mirrors (and, if needed, Photoshop). The goal is to have me document your life at home. Of course, we want it to look tidy. However, it doesn’t actually have to be perfect. The photo won’t show what’s hiding under the bed.

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