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Milestones & Birthday Smash Photography, Mundelein, IL

Photographing your children is an important tradition that captures your child's growth and development. These portraits also help your family remember the milestones or special events that occurred during your child's life.


If you're someone who wants to take professional portraits frequently but doesn't want to break the bank, I offer a very reasonable price for my sessions.

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Just the basics

1 location

*Travel fees may apply


1 backdrop

10 images edited

digital gallery


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Most popular


*Cake not included

portrait & smash

15 images edited

digital gallery


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Leave nothing behind


*Cake not included

portrait & smash

bath add-on *Water optional

20 images edited

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Milestones & Birthday Photography FAQ


What is a milestone session?

Milestones or "sitter" sessions are for children who can sit unsupported. You can do a milestone session for any reason. I recommend that parents do yearly milestone photos to document their child's growth. 

It is perfectly acceptable to keep your child's milestone photography session clean and simple. Don’t get bogged down by the latest trends and really think about the stage your child is in. What are their favorite books and toys? An image of your child on a simple background will stand the test of time and trigger happy memories. 


What is a birthday cake smash?

A birthday cake smash celebrates the milestone of your baby turning one. It's a themed set with a decorative cake as the centerpiece. The session starts off with clean portraits of the baby. Once the portrait portion is complete, we shake things up by giving the baby a cake to explore. It’s a cute mess! After the cake mess, you have the option to photograph your child sitting in a washbasin or tiny bathtub. A cake smash is a fun way to capture early personality traits. Some babies are totally into exploring the cake, and some are completely turned off and overstimulated.


Do I need to bring anything?

While I provide the majority of the set design, parents are responsible for bringing a few items:


  1. Toys or decoative items that are interesting to the child.  

  2. A cake or other item to "smash". This policy prevents issues with allergic reactions. 

  3. Towel, baby wipes, clean drinks and snacks, and a few wardrobe items.

  4.  Patience and a positive energy. One year-olds have "stranger-danger"and get overstimulated. 

Can we take a few pictures with the family? 

The set will be designed with children in mind. Because of this, there will be many limitations accommodating multiple children or adults. Please book a separate session if you want family photos. 

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