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Pinup Photography


I absolutely believe in the power of a pinup photo shoot. It is such a confidence builder! Not only do you get dolled up, but you also get to pose in tasteful, colorful, and flattering clothing. Every woman should try pinup photography at least once in her lifetime. I am a Hampton Roads photographer and hold all of my sessions for pinup photography in the area.


Pinup Photography FAQ


Do I have to be skinny?

BIG NO! Pinup photography looks best on average to plus sized girls. Pinup posing and styling is very flattering on curvier girls.


What do I do with these photos?

I believe that pinup photography is for every woman. Of course, you can let your partner peak at a frame or two, but these images are for YOU. They are something to look back on. You can frame a picture or two and/or keep everything in a beautiful album. Pinup images are a forever reminder that you are beautiful.


What props do you have?

Each pinup girl is a reflection of her hobbies or character. Once you book your pinup session, we go over the props I have, you have, and items we may need to purchase. Pinup girls are the focus of the session; we will not need a lot of props.


What do I wear?

Pinup clothing has a specific “look”. A lot of women have can make a pinup look with wardrobe already in their closet but I recommend purchasing something special for the shoot. You will want to consider accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves, and shoes too. I have items available for you to borrow if necessary. We will discuss all of our options during the planning stage of your pinup shoot. I recommend taking a look at any of these websites: “Retro Glam, “Unique Vintage, “Pinup Girl Clothing, and “Doll Me Up Darling.”


What about the hair and makeup?

I strongly suggest you hire me or someone else to do your hair. If you are good at doing your own makeup, I say go for it. Most pinup girls wear a winged liner, red lipstick, and false eyelashes. Photography clients receive 30% off my hairstyling and makeup services. Click here to view my hair and makeup portfolio.


What about posing? I don’t know how to model.

Pinup photography is very posed. Get ready for a little workout! You’ll hold poses using muscles that you forgot you had. You will hear me say, “If it feels weird, it looks good”. I will make sure you look perfect! Don’t worry; it’s not hard; just different.


Can you edit my pinup to look like an old war poster?

YES! This is something I can do. I have a few existing templates I have created and don’t mind coming up with new ideas. There is an extra fee associated with editing pinup photos into posters.


Can my partner join me in the photos?

YES! Of course, we can have your partner be a part of the shoot. Couple poses are awesome! There is an extra fee associated with posing, styling, and editing an extra person.

If you have any additional questions, be sure to check out the photography FAQ page or contact me directly.


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