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Why Choose Jen as your Newborn Photographer


As a newborn photographer in Naples Italy and the surrounding Campania area, I am living my dream. This is how I express myself as an artist. Each newborn session presents a unique opportunity to create something captivating and pure. The best part of being a newborn photographer is seeing the love and adoration on the parent’s faces when they see their newborn posed for the first time. The beauty of a perfectly composed image of a newborn always blows me away.


Why Take Newborn Pictures


As parents, we are driven to honor the responsibility of documenting the milestones of our child’s life. Not only do we want to remember the moments for ourselves, but we also want to preserve memories to share with our children. I distinctly remember feeling really important and loved when I found my baby book.

The newborn period does not last! The saying, “they grow up so fast” is really true! In the first few weeks, your baby is going to rapidly change. Babies spend a lot of time folded up in the womb. Once they are born they stretch out and slowly start to “unfold”.


In short, take the time to schedule a newborn session while your baby is still scrunched up. You won’t regret it.



How do I book you?


First Step:

The first step in booking your newborn session is to decide what package you would like to purchase. I have all of my prices listed here:


Second Step:

Confirm my availability. Send me a message at


Third Step:

Fill out this Newborn Baby Photography questionnaire. I will use this to create your contract and to plan your session.


Fourth Step:

Read my newborn prep guide.





How old should my baby be?

Newborn photography in Naples, Italy accepts babies at any age! Typically, newborn photography works well during the first days to weeks of birth. Once a baby gets older and stronger they are not as easy to pose. An older baby gets used to stretching out and will not enjoy being put into a fetal position. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if your baby is older. I can do some poses with them lying on their side, belly, or back. You’ll get your photos, I promise. Schedule your due date as soon as possible. If you don’t need “posed” images, any time is a good time, as long as someone holds the baby.


Is it safe?

YES! Newborn photography in Naples, Italy is baby-led. We never force a baby into a pose they don’t like; no matter how cute it might look. The froggy pose is a great example of a pose that is super cute, but not comfortable for the baby. Their tiny wrists are not meant to hold a heavy head. This pose requires a hand holding the baby’s head at all times. No exceptions. I cringe when I see a newborn photographer do this pose unassisted. It’s wrong.


Can we get family and sibling photos?

Yes! Family photos can be added to your session. I have an indoor setup with simple backdrops. For siblings, I have props and furry rugs, etc.


What are “poses” and “props”?

As you will see in my pricing, there is a specified amount of “poses” and “props” that comes included with your newborn photography in Naples, Italy. A pose is simply how your baby is positioned. Examples of poses are bum up, back pose, side pose, taco pose, froggy pose, and baby in parent’s hands. Each pose requires a bit of effort to achieve. The more poses you want, the longer the session. I will never force your baby into a pose.

Props are items we can place your baby into or on. Examples of props include beds, bowls, and buckets.


Do you have props?

I collect props, wraps, wardrobes, and backdrops for newborn photography in Naples, Italy. I have everything a photographer needs to make a great photo. All I need to know is the color scheme preferences and nursery theme (if you have one).


I don’t plan to use bottles or pacifiers. Is it necessary for the session?

Nope! It is not required. There are situations, however, where they come in handy. For example, let’s say the baby is finally settled into a pose, yet they decide to squirm a little…. and nothing seems to settle them (like a shhhh or pat on the bum), it is a lot easier to keep them in their pose if I give them something to suck on… if even for a second.

I would never try to interfere and contribute to nipple confusion. The methods I use would be short-lived. Just long enough to get the picture and move on. Your pacifier and bottle help me achieve good results without disrupting the baby.


How do I prepare for the session?

  1. Fill out this Newborn Photography Questionnaire. I will use this information to prepare for your session.
  2. Once the baby is born, give me a ring and we will set a date for the photoshoot. Newborn photoshoots are typically done between 5-21 days old.
  3. Read my prep guide a few days before your scheduled shoot.


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