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Newborn Prep Guide

Please read this information before your scheduled newborn photography session. If you haven’t already, please fill out this newborn photography questionnaire. 

What to do a few days beforehand: 


Arrange childcare

The family portion of a newborn session will be scheduled on a separate day. I find this to be the most relaxing and stress-free way to it. 

Please arrange childcare for your other children. I do not recommend you bring them to the newborn session. The session takes a few hours and takes place in a warm environment. Your kids will not enjoy it! It’s a super sleepy environment! 


Avoid gassy foods (if breastfeeding)

1-2 days beforehand avoid eating foods that will upset your baby.

    • Acidic foods – such as lemons, oranges, berries, pizza, spaghetti, chili, and tomato products.
    • Gassy vegetables – such as asparagus, onions, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.
    • Excessive caffeine


What do I bring?

  1. Pacifier – While some babies don’t take one, I suggest bringing your preferred one anyways. This will help me keep baby sleeping without being attached to a food source. I keep extra Soothie Brand pacifiers in the studio.
  2. Bottles with pumped milk/formula – Even if your child does not typically use these, we must have access to various soothing techniques to make sure your session runs smoothly. Please prepare at least one bottle.
  3. Preferred hairbrush – The brush is for babies who have a lot of flakes on their head.
  4. Preferred baby lotion – Babies start to shed skin in the first few weeks of birth. I’ll want to use your preferred baby lotion (if needed).
  5. Props you want to be included in the shoot – Did your Grandma make a blanket that you want to be featured? Please note: avoid large stuffed animals.
  6. FOOD for yourself! You will be at my house for a while. Bring a snack or two. I usually put out a few snacks just in case.


Hot Tips for the Day of your Newborn Photography Session


Give your baby a bath

Your images will look best if the baby is in a deep sleep. To accomplish this, I suggest bathing your baby right before coming. This will keep them stimulated yet relaxed for the car ride. Please massage lotion into the skin and wash the hair. Sponge bathe if the baby has not lost their umbilical cord.


Stick to your normal feeding routine

You will have opportunities to breastfeed. Please don’t overfeed your baby. Some moms overfeed because they are nervous about getting good sleepy pictures. Overfed babies get gassy and uncomfortable and very hard to pose. The best thing you can do is to not stress about it.


Dress your baby in a zip/button up sleeper

Something loose fitting is best. Please avoid clothing that needs to be pulled over the head.


Dress in layers

I keep my house warm for the baby. You can remove layers if you are hot.


Be patient

Don’t worry about how long it takes or if your little one is not sleeping. We will follow the baby’s lead. Just stay calm and everything will fall into place. The sessions can take anywhere between 2-4 hours long. I promise to get you out of my house as quickly as possible.


Relax as much as you can

I’ve had two babies of my own, your baby is in good hands. Take advantage of this time to sit back and relax. Let me do the work. It is okay to “space out” on your phone. I’ll ask for help if I need it.


Don’t worry if your baby poops on me

Your baby will poop on me! It’s part of the job and I expect it to happen.


Embrace safety first

We will only do safe poses. For the more difficult poses, I will ask a parent to keep one hand on the baby. We will not force the baby to do a pose.


Ask for help

Let me know if you need anything. I enjoy being hospitable.


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