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Newborn Photography Session

Baby newborn photography session with blue and neutral colors

When Mom contacted me, she didn’t have a lot of specific requests for her baby boy’s newborn session. For me, that’s definitely not a problem; I will take the reigns and create a few options for her! I chose several props and paired them with some brightly colored and neutral tones. From there, I let mom choose her favorite set-up. Mom definitely gravitated to the neutrals and simple whites and blues. Babies in white are one of my favorites to photograph! This session went relatively quickly (about 2 hours total). While the baby boy was only 10 days old, he was VERY alert and awake for every pose in which he was unwrapped. I was shocked and amazed while he lay unbothered in the “butt-up” pose with his eyeballs wide open. He couldn’t have been calmer. It was adorable. Mom told me he loved being wrapped, and she was right! He really sank right into every wrap I put him in. I didn’t include all of the images in this blog post, but these were some of my favorites. Mom chose the “Standard Newborn Session” package with 20 images edited. As an added bonus, I delivered black and white images as well. Black and white images are perfect for a timeless way to decorate the walls.

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography in Naples Italy

My neighbor friend delivered her baby girl in Naples Italy recently. Luckily the Covid restrictions at the hospital have lifted slightly and we were able to snap a few fresh 48 images! The room had limited available light but we made it work! Welcome to earth baby girl!

Baby Photos with Family

A few weeks ago I had the honor of taking little baby L’s first professional photos! To book the session, all mom had to do was contact me through my website. From there, we quickly organized a session for her. I sent her a link to a questionnaire and the rest fell into place!

The session you see here is the “newborn plus family” package. Mom was thrilled to take advantage of the “hair and makeup”. All of my photography clients get a discount on hair and makeup services. Check out to view samples of my beauty portfolio.

Baby L’s mom chose a theme with earthy tones. She wanted to include a few outfits she purchased, one of which was a baby Yoda outfit! As you can see, the final result was adorable!

Are you shopping for baby photos in Naples Italy? Jen is a photographer who specializes in newborn posing, props, and photography. Send me a message to begin your consultation for photography that includes digital images and no hidden fees!

Hiking with Kids at Kiptopeke State Park

Homeschooling Field Trip to Kiptopeke State Park

My family will be moving overseas to Naples, Italy. In the mean-time, I have decided to homeschool our children to bridge the gap between duty stations. Our family uses “Torchlight” curriculum for our homeschooling adventures. Torchlight is a secular curriculum that is based on literature. Our curriculum suggests field trips once a week. Here are a few pictures and some information about our recent field trip to Kiptopeke State Park in Cape Charles, VA.

We didn’t “plan” our field trip. My husband and I woke up, googled “kid-friendly hikes near me” and Kiptopeke State Park in Cape Charles VA popped up in the results. I must say, this park is fantastic! It has a little of everything. The wooden trails and gravel paths are well-kept and perfect for hiking with children. It’s very kid-friendly! In addition to hiking trails, there is camping, bird observatory decks, a large playground, and a beachfront! A day pass to the park is only $7 and there are modern and clean bathroom facilities.

While the kids are learning about colors and textures found in nature I’m taking photographs! I brought one of my more versatile lenses, the Sigma Art 24-105 mm f/4.0. The wide-angle and the ability to zoom is great for following my family around Kiptopeke State Park on a beautiful day.

The images turned out really good! As you can see there was a lot to look at! I really enjoyed editing these images; the colors just pop! Ordinary things in nature can really look extraordinary when captured with the right light; even the bugs.

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If you want to see more photos of the natural beauty in Virginia check out this sunrise at Cape Henry Lighthouse.

Cape Henry Lighthouse at Fort Story Beach
Cape Henry Lighthouse at Fort Story in Virginia Beach

Also, here’s a link to learn about my photography services in Virginia Beach!

Moon Photo 9-2-20

Moon on 9-2-20

Someone on the community Facebook page asked if someone “with a good camera” could take an image of the night’s moon. I said “challenge accepted” and ran out of my house with my tripod and longest zoom lens I own. I jumped so fast, it was as if my hair was on fire!

Sunrise at Fort Story Beach, VA

I have been trying to get out for a run during the early morning hours. The sun was rising just after I had finished my workout so I RAN to my car with my camera to snap a few pictures on the beach at Fort Story near the Cape Henry Lighthouse.

My sunrise party ended when an MP told me that I wasn’t allowed on the beach with my camera until after 10 o’clock am. I was wearing running clothes! He was also very interested in what I was taking pictures of. The military does not like it when you take pictures of their buildings or communication towers.

My settings:

Sunrise photo settings:

Nikon D850
Sigma Art 35mm 1.4
1/160 sec
ISO 320

Extended Family Photos in Virginia Beach!

It’s rare for my family to visit me so you can imagine my excitement when both my nephew AND cousin decided to visit us while we were stationed in Virginia Beach. Of course, I just HAD to take some family photos!

The week started with my darling nephew visiting me from Tennessee. This was such a special occasion. We visited the beach and shopping centers near the beach and got some ice cream!

Later in the week my cousin and her children came to visit. We told stories, cooked, and watch Hamilton together. Some of the highlights included getting Mexican cuisine and taking a lot of goofy portraits.

As you can see, I captured a few great moments with the youngest and oldest cousins. It was a riot! It was like having my own photo booth at my house! Hit me up if you’re looking for a similar Chrismas Mini or family portrait!

First Landing Hike

My family took advantage of the beautiful 60-degree day this Saturday and went for a hike at First Landing State Park. The park is located in Virginia Beach, just behind Fort Story Naval Base. While you could park on the street outside of the park and walk in, there are two parking lots that are available for a seven ($7) dollar parking fee. There are several trails to choose from. The longest trail, Cape Henry Trail, is just over six miles long. For families with young children, there are many options for getting off the trail and hike back to the parking lot. The experience is very friendly. Almost everyone that walked past us either nodded or greeted us on our way.

What does the landscape look like inside First Landing State Park?

The landscape inside First Landing State Park is woodsy with tall trees and a few scatterings of cypress and moss. The trails are paved in asphalt or covered in gravel. The ground is covered in pine needles and bright green moss. I’m not sure if hikers are permitted to go off of the trail path. However, our family had an easy time taking pictures and it wasn’t apparent that we were photographing from the sidelines. There’s also a path to the beach, so there’s a lot of variety. Photographers will love hiking while there is full sun. The light leaks through the trees really highlight the beauty that is within this forest.

I recommend this park for families who want a short day hiking without the stress of packing a hiker’s bag. First Landing State Park is also a great place to do a couples photoshoot or a maternity photoshoot because of access to both the beach and the forest.

Contact me to discuss your ideas! I would love the opportunity to take pictures of you while hiking through First Landing State Park.
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Fort Story Day at the Beach!

One of my goals for 2020 is to get my children outside to play at least once a day. Luckily, our family lives near a beautiful beach near Fort Story in Virginia Beach. The weather was foggy yet the weather was perfect. My dog, Mickey, had a few brave moments investigating the waves. It was really cute when she got caught in the water. She is young so she doesn’t have a lot of experience with the beach. The breakers are fantastic to photograph. Although it is against the rules to climb atop them, my children were able to jump off of the lower laying rocks. I found that the coolest thing about the rocks was how they photograph! I just love how they are blanketed with bright green moss. This location is fantastic for family photography, maternity photography, actor headshots, and outdoor professional portraits.

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Newborn Photography Boy Session 1-17-19

Mom wanted to bring Winnie the Pooh and his friends to her newborn photography session.

To accommodate the mother’s requests for her newborn photography session, I created a set that featured greens and wooden props that simulate a day in the one-hundred-acre woods.

The wooden bed is so sweet and definitely a parent-favorite for newborn photography props. I use it all of the time! For the table poses, I chose a fabric color that was soft and neutral. I kept the posing natural and simple by letting the baby lay on his back and side. Specifially, I used an “egg shell” wrap to snuggle the babies legs into the “Huck Fin” pose. I was able to capture some great angles by using both front and back lighting.

He was a beautiful and healthy newborn baby.


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