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Birth Photography


The big delivery day is coming and you want to remember everything. This is a HUGE milestone! Put down your camera phone and just revel at the moment with your partner. Having a baby is CRAZY! You cannot know what is going to happen and you won’t remember most of the moments that led up to the delivery of your child. Birth is a journey and having the event documented by a birth photographer in Virginia Beach makes it much easier to remember and, in some instances, cope.


Live Birth Photography FAQ


How far will you drive?

I will book births that are up to a one-hour drive from me in Virginia Beach, VA. 


Will you be on call?

YES! I will block out the few weeks before and after your due date. For this reason, birth photography availability is limited.


When do I call you?

I want to know as much information as you can provide. Please communicate with me! If you’re feeling weird, tell me. The sooner I know what is going on, the better I can serve you. I cannot be there if I do not know.


When will you be there?

I will arrive when active labor starts and leave a few hours after the baby is born.


Is a planned c-section considered birth photography?

Yes! Every birth has a story. The hospital may not let me come into the OR. I will let your support person use my camera (if they are comfortable).


My hospital doesn’t allow photos of medical procedures. Is this a problem?

NOPE! I am very respectful of hospital policies. Doctors aren’t usually around too long. There will be plenty of awesome images taken. Your baby will get their close up.


What if my baby needs to go to the NICU?

Usually, I can follow the baby to the NICU. However, I won’t be allowed to record procedures. 


Will I be comfortable with you in the room?

It is so important that we “gel”. I want to meet you in person before becoming your birth photographer. Once booked, we will talk about your preferences for things such as flash, artistic nudes, or chatting. I definitely don’t want to interfere with your experience. I’ve had two children of my own, and I’m really good at reading body language and social cues.


Do you accept pre-payments?

Yes. Birth photography isn’t cheap. There’s a lot of time, dedication, and unknowns with birth photography. I don’t expect you to pay for everything up front.


When will I get my pictures?

There will be a lot of images! I try to get my exposure right in camera and don’t overly edit birth photography sessions. Your gallery will be delivered within two weeks. Expect to receive about 250 images.


What happens if you cannot come? Do you have backup birth photographer in Virginia Beach?

There are a few scenarios where I would be unavailable:

  1. An act of God.
  2. Childcare issues.
  3. Automobile issues.
  4. I cannot get there on time.


Here are the safeguards I have in place to prevent those things from happening:

  1. Community over the competition – I have many friendships with backup birth photographers in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.
  2. In addition to my husband, I have two backup childcare providers.
  3. My family has two new cars. Also, UBER is an option in my neighborhood.
  4. I leave my ringer on loud. If we are communicating effectively, I will be there on time. Births take a while to get going. I need at least 6 hours notice to get my affairs in order. If I get a call that you’re already at the hospital and you’re in active labor and 6 cm dilated, I might not make it on time.


If you don’t make it, will I get my money back?

You betcha! However, the retainer will be forfeited if there’s a lack of communication.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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