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Actor Headshot

Your actor headshot brings you acting gigs, right? It’s your most important marketing tool when presenting yourself to art directors, casting, and agents. You cannot skimp on your headshots! A good headshot has facial expressions and light in the eyes. You want to take pictures that show your personality.

Actor Headshot FAQ

What do I wear for my actor’s headshot?

Wear something with a little color and texture but nothing that stands out too much. You want your facial expressions to tell the story, not your wardrobe. For wider shots, please read my Wardrobe Style Guide.

Do I need to have my hair and makeup professionally done?

No. I suggest less is more. You want to look like yourself in your actor headshot. This is not a “glamor” photoshoot. Of course, you still need to look nice! Let me know if you need help with hair and makeup. Photography clients receive a hefty discount off the hair and makeup services. Click to view my hair and makeup portfolios. 

Where should I take my pictures?

There are varying opinions on whether it’s best to shoot in a studio or natural sunlight. A good actor headshot is flatteringly lit with a little background. If you have sensitive eyes or want to soften your skin, shoot in a studio. Natural sunlight accentuates everything. If you want a more natural, or less “stiff” look, shoot in natural light. Also, if you want your eyes to have good “catchlights” and show a lot of colors, shoot in natural sunlight. Don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of light you want. Most people book two looks: one in the studio and one in natural sunlight.


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